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Mental Health/Well-Being

Are Your Close Friendships Harming Your Romantic Relationship?

Group of people men and women screaming in megaphones at sad depressed young couple
Having your psychological needs met by people other than your partner is great for your well-being but can be problematic for your relationship.

More Stigma Leads to Worse Physical Health

Tired Asian man standing near window in office
We know that people who are stigmatized experience poorer health. But why?

Does Adversity Really Make Us Stronger? Usually Not

Back view of a young man with a personal problem stands at wooden wall.
Nietzsche famously said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” but growing evidence suggests it usually doesn’t.

Four Disruptive Teenagers, Four Reasons Why

Photo of a Teenage boy and girl sitting on a bench drinking beer
Teenagers can be oppositional, defiant, and aggressive for quite different reasons, and those reasons can affect how they fare in life.

Forget Your Worries and Find Your Flow

Photo of a woman drawing on an easel
Flow activities (try Tetris™!) can make waiting for important news easier.

Viewing Pornography to Deal with Affection Deprivation

Young man on his laptop in bed next to his partner who is sleeping.
People view pornography for many reasons, but one is to deal with a shortage of affection.