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When Forgiveness is Hard, Spend More Time Together

Man and woman sitting on a bench in a field
Forgiveness may be a key to relationship happiness, but shared quality time seems to be a key to forgiveness.

Seeing Through the Fog: Forgiveness and Collective Apologies

In a series of studies social psychologists examined group forgiveness and found that individuals are astute perceivers of political process. For an apology to be sincere, the process must show that the offenders are in agreement about the apology and that the person(s) saying sorry for the group represents the whole group.

Self-Affirmation Promotes Better Apologies

Image of pink roses with an I'm Sorry card

By Karina Schumann

You slipped up. It was your night to take care of dinner, and when your partner asked you why it wasn’t done, you snapped and demanded he or she get off your back. You’ve taken a breather, but now it’s time to face your partner. What will you choose to say?