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Are Police Officers Racist? Like the Nature of Racism Itself, the Answer is Complicated

Officer looks at other officers arresting a man
Are police officers more racist than Americans in general? It depends not only on who you ask but also on how you ask the question.

Psychology of Coronavirus

young European man on the street with a medical face mask on.
Could coronavirus inspire prejudice toward Asian Americans? Perhaps our behavioral immune system is to blame.

Exploring Perceptions of Racial/Ethnic Groups Outside of a Majority White Population

As compared to the contiguous or conterminous United States, which refers to the 48 states on the North American continent, Hawai‘i does not have a majority White population. Instead, the racial breakdown of the state includes people that are mixed race, White, Filipino, Japanese, Hawai‘ian, Chinese, Korean, African American, Samoan, Other Pacific Islander and more.

The Racial Identities Multiracial People Adopt May Depend on How Others Treat Them

Pensive young biracial woman touching chin
The answer to the question “Who am I?” is growing more complex in an increasingly multiracial culture. And, the answer may depend on multiracial people’s social experiences.

The Intriguing Complexity of Stereotypes of Biracial People

Young Biracial woman on escalator
People have stereotypes about people of different races. So, what do they think about biracial people?

Who is to Blame When Police Officers Shoot Black Men?

Pulled over by police car
Despite intentions to be objective, our own racial biases (or lack thereof) shape who we blame when police shoot Black men.

Psychology News Round-Up: ICYMI July 28, 2017

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