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Women’s Leadership in the COVID-19 Crisis

Senior female political leader speaking at press conference
In times of crisis, many people seek out male leaders, but female governors have been excelling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women Communicate More Details than Men. So what?

Woman gives presentation
Men and women adopt different speaking styles, but good leaders, male or female, must be able to shift their speaking style on a moment’s notice.

What do Men and Women Want in a Mate?

Couple embracing on beach
The things we look for in a romantic partner are shaped by both evolution and society.

How a Disagreement from 16 Years Ago Can Affect Your Health Today

Older woman with a very sad expression isolated on black
Although marriage often enhances people’s health, how and when partners argue with their spouses can have negative health consequences.

Are Men Really Funnier Than Women?

Older couple joking and making faces
A new review of scientific research that compares men’s and women’s ability to produce humor has the answer.

What Can Serial Killers Like Amy Archer-Gilligan Tell Us about Human Evolution?

Woman silhouette on background of the night city in fog
Serial killers—yes, serial killers—may tell us something important about human evolution. Some hunt; others appear to gather.

The Perils of Thinking of Gender as Biology

illustration of man and woman in silhouette
Indifference to the rights of women and transgender people may lie in a certain way of thinking about gender.

Gender and Conversation: Why are Women More “In Synch” Than Men?

two women conversing
Recent research shows that women are more physically “in synch” during conversations than men are.

The Appeal of Sexism to the Romantically Insecure

Asian man and woman
Emotionally distant men in romantic relationships tend to have greater beliefs that women are manipulative and power-hungry.