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Oct 21, 2016

Psychology News Round-Up (October 21st)

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This week on the blog, Anup Gamba discusses why political ideology undermines logical reasoning. Our C&C Posts Not To Miss section includes the answer to the question, is the internet making you mean, explores what we talk about when we talk about morality, and has a timely throwback to judging political hearts and minds.                   

This Week on the Blog

Liberals and conservatives might argue that the other group is deficient in their ability to reason logically. This could be understood as the reason for ideological disagreement - if only the other side were able to reason, then we would all agree. Read more.

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C & C Posts Not to Miss

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Is the Internet Making
You Mean?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Morality Judging Political Hearts and Minds

Character & Context Connections

Feature Image In the NYT's Gray Matter, Carey Morewedge delves into the emotional and psychological strategies we utilize in the face of possible victory and defeat and argues why you should bet against your candidate.


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