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2019 Leadership Elections Set to Begin

The following candidates and bylaw initiatives will appear on the 2019 SPSP Ballot for election to the Board. Descriptions of Board positions and responsibilities can be found here. Their terms will begin January 1, 2020. Links to the online ballot will be e-mailed to eligible members the week of April 8. To be an eligible voter, you must be a full member with a doctorate in psychology and have paid dues through 12/31/2019.


Member At-Large for Science Programming  |  Member At-Large for Science Publishing

Initiative 1  |  Initiative 2


Monica BiernatMonica Biernat

University of Kansas
Statement | Background | Website

Paula Pietromonaco headshotPaula R. Pietromonaco

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Statement | Background | Website


Member at Large – Science Programming

Shira Gabriel headshotShira Gabriel

SUNY, University at Buffalo
Statement | Background | Website

Denise Sekaquaptewa headshotDenise Sekaquaptewa 

University of Michigan 
Statement | Background | Website


Member at Large – Science Publishing

Alison Ledgerwood headshotAlison Ledgerwood

UC Davis
Statement | Background | Website

Tessa West headshotTessa West

New York University 
Statement | Background | Website


Initiative 1

Summary: This ballot initiative alters the SPSP voting method from a plurality to a preferential voting system, in essence allowing for ranked voting.

Actual Bylaws Change to Approve:

Article V.  Elections
4.  Election shall be by means of a plurality preferential voting system, and at least two nominees shall be named for each office.  Voters shall rank order each candidate in one ballot.  If one candidate gets fifty percent or more of all the first preference votes, that candidate will be selected on the first count.  If no candidate gets fifty percent or more of the first preference votes, the candidate with the fewest number “1” votes is dropped and its votes are re-cast to the candidate each voter ranked next.  This continues until one candidate gets fifty percent or more of the votes cast.


Initiative 2

Summary: This ballot initiative adds an additional Member at Large to the Board of Directors. It is the intent of the Board to fill this seat with someone who works and will represent those at primarily undergraduate institutions.

Actual Bylaws Change to Approve:

Article IV.  Board of Directors
1.   The Board of Directors shall consist of eleven twelve members:  the four officers (the President, the President-Elect, the Past President, and the Treasurer), the Council Representative representing Division 8 in the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association with most seniority duly elected in accordance with established procedures of the American Psychological Association, and six seven to be elected as At-Large Members of the Board of Directors. Additional persons may be invited to participate but not vote in Board of Director meetings. The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member of the Board with voice but no vote.
3.   At-Large Members shall be Full Members of the Society elected by the membership to serve terms of up to three years on the Board of Directors. At-Large Members shall be elected each year as necessary to bring the Board of Directors to a membership of eleven twelve. Insofar as possible, At-Large Members shall be divided into three classes to contain as nearly as may be one third of the whole number of At-Large Members.
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